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INTEX - i11 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Earphone, 7 Hours Standby Time

Brand : Intex
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i11 TWS Wireless Earbuds 5.0 Bluetooth Earphones Headphone Earphones Bluetooth Headset

  • 1The left ear and the right ear touch the position, touch 1 to answer the call, the left earphone touches 2 times and the volume decreases, the right earphone touches 2 times, the left ear presses 3 next, and the right clicks 3 times. Last song, long press for 3 seconds, long press for 5 seconds to switch on and off, two headsets report at the same time.
  • 2Turn the phone off after turning it off, and the headset will automatically connect back to the phone;
  • The whole machine has voice prompts;
  • The earphones have sounds for the left and right ears of the two-channel conversation;
  • Headphone music playback time is about 2.5-3 hours, talk time is about 4 hours, and standby time is about 7 hours;
  • The charging battery capacity is 300AH, and the headphone battery capacity is 35mAh;
  • Charging time is 70 minutes;
  • Charging box charging voltage 5V;
  • The charging box takes 1 hour, the charging box has a capacity of 300 mAh, and the charging red light flashes constantly;
  • The charging box can charge the earphone about 4 times;
  • When the earphone is charging, the red light is always on, and the full light is off;
  • When the charging box is charging the earphone, the blue light is always on.
  • Individual package size: 124*85*35mm Packing weight: 100g Single bare metal weight: 32g Headphone size: 41.8x16.8mm Charger size: 43 x 56 x 21mm
  • Packaging includes: 2 x i11 Touch control Bluetooth Headphones (left and right earbuds) 1 x loading box 1 x USB charging cable 1 x User manual
  • Product type: Wireless Earphones

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