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INTEX V8S Professional Legendary Vocal Condenser Microphone

Brand : Intex
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Warranty : 1 Year
Sold By : Intex
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Sold By : Intex
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Sound Card with V8s Upgraded Condenser Microphone Bundle is designed for those who are looking for the best solution at an affordable price. This bundle is absolutely perfect for Live streaming using your mobile phone or PC Laptop. The adjustable clamp of the Filter cover and Microphone line can be fixed simultaneously, with a built-in shock pad. Microphone & Shock Mount, Reduce the noise caused by the slight movement of the device itself, significantly improving the sound recording effect. Filter, Avoid the airflow sound when speaking, and enhance the Effect of the human voice. Bracket Holder, Built-in damping tray, strong support, and firm fixation.

Brand Intex
Hardware interface USB
Hardware platform PC

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Intex Condenser Microphone