Open Parcel Before Payment T&C*

We want the product to reach our customer safely and without any tampering in-between either by the courier person or the customer may falsely say that he did not receive the goods. There is a service called "Open Parcel Before Payment" in which a parcel can be opened by a customer after receiving it, we allow you to check and satisfy you before you can pay. It provided safety for both sender and receiver. This is the safest way of service as customers can always check the product of Cash on Delivery items, before signing and paying for it! It is customer friendly service which ensures that you only receive what you ordered. Our customers are offered to open the packaging of the parcel before payment to our courier boy to make sure that your desired product arrived or not.

Things to remember:

  1. Its Paid service costing courier boy delivery charges.
  2. You cannot check the inner physical appearance, components, or functioning of the product.
  3. If the ordered product is missing, damaged, or different from what you have ordered, the courier boy will take back the package. The product will be replaced as per customer preference.
  4. Only packet packing will be allowed to be opened before payment. The product packaging and seal shall not be opened before payment.