3. Is your smart watch really smart? INTEX FitRist Vogue is!

3. Is your smart watch really smart? INTEX FitRist Vogue is!

Reliability or style? INTEX FitRist Vogue Smart Watch gives you both! Going through a huge range of new
products popping up every single day, if you are left wondering, do I really need a smartwatch, you do.
Though, choosing a watch that fits your style and pocket can be a little tricky as it's not just about the color and the size. Numerous factors like features, ease of use, compatibility, and price come into play.

A reliable watch at an affordable price is not a myth! Acing from ergonomic design to innovative features, INTEX FitRist Vogue Smart Watch comes with swappable bands with color variations to meet everyone’s specific style. Let alone, with a sapphire black, gold and silver square dial speaks for the class
and value, hence a great fit for all kinds of events from formal to casual.

Intex has its name in the most affordable phones, and now with smartwatches, its no different. In comparison to higher-end brands, INTEX FitRist is packed with punch of features, from heart rate sensor to Google and Siri voice assistance, blood pressure monitor, sedentary reminder, hydration Reminder, and weather update.

Speaking of the design, it has a snappy 1.7-inch LCD touch screen and is IP67 certified, which means it can handle moisture and a moderate rainfall in perfection. Whether you are out on a trip or in a gym,
Fitrist Vogue let you monitor step count, sleep, and heart rate on the wrist. In addition, for intensive insight, INTEXT offers the FitRist Active app compatible with both operating systems, Android and iOS.

You can conveniently download it from Google Play and the App Store. Along with steps, distance, calories, blood pressure, sleep, and heart rate, the FitRist Active app offers additional watch faces, notification management, battery status, and firmware update.

INTEX makes sure to cater everyone’s need and eliminate the hassle to keep your phone in your hand all the time. While working, workouts, gatherings, or even just to fulfill an itch for the latest technology, the Fitrist Vogue is packed with nifty functional features like direct dialing from the watch, music control, notifications and alerts - and all with a good 3 to 5 days battery life, if not connected to phone. However, it gives a decent 1.5 to 2 and a half day charge with your phone connected.

So, if you wish to wear it for a day at stretch, during a run, at work, or a fancy date night, FitRist gets you covered.

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